Narzędziownia BIANAR – producent form wtryskowych

Our offer

We offer design and manufacturing of:

  • moulds for plastic parts,
  • moulds for rubber and silicon,
  • punching dies for straight and accurate punching,
  • stamping dies,
  • automation equipment,
  • other fixtures and devices due customers requirements;

and service in range of:

  • mouldmaking and toolmaking according customers design,
  • repairs, regeneration and maintenance of moulds,
  • turning,
  • grinding,
  • milling,
  • locksmith work,
  • EDM & WEDM,
  • tools and devices regeneration.

Since 2016 BIANAR provides also services for toolmaking with outside suppliers which includes:

  • DFM (Design For Manyfacturing) analyse based on sent parts design;
  • Moulds design analyse;
  • Care about mouldmaking process;
  • Moulds trials supervision with material availability for trials according customers specification;
  • Transport of mould to final destination;
  • Support with moulds start-up at final Injection machine.